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Research in SMA Group

Products and services of SMA-Group are unique Because so much of them haven’t been done before , Therefore, the relationship between research and development is very strong in SMA-Group , Learning and continuous development and the search for new ways of working are all part of the second principle in SMA-Group This principle has been formed because of the urgent need for continuous development of products and services offered by the company to meet the needs of the market , Especially in light of the global competition that led by the company in its field . Because of that , we are working to secure a suitable environment for ambitious researchers who want to link theory and ideas to reality , and to transfer scientific researches to applications in order to benefit the society .

Research Areas

Software Engineering (Development)

Software Engineering (Testing)

Software Engineering (Requirement)

Project Management

Collaboration Tools

Social Media

Natural Language Processing

Information Retrieval & the web

Real Time Softwares



Human Computer Interaction & Visualization

Data Management

Big Data

Data Mining

Inforamation Security

Innovation Management

Smart Phone App

System Engineering


Bridging the gap between academics and industry, especially in the Arab world.

Securing more suitable employment opportunities for young people.

Guiding young people to the usefulness and importance of knowledge.

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For those wtho are interested in scientific research with SMA-Group team:
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Why SMA-Group Research Center

We Provide the technical support required to accomplish the research We provide the data required to complete the research through the available projects in the company. We support researchers to publish their work in international journals Based on the research and its importance for the company , We may offer financial reward for the researcher The possibility of recruitment in the company based on the competencies of the researcher and the results of his research

Research Programs

  • Graduate Students Projects
  • Master students projects
  • PhD students Projects
  • Researchers with special grants projects